Welcome to the website of GRIP, the Flemish civil rights-organisation for persons with disabilities. Unfortunately the major part of this site is in Dutch. After all our efforts are focused on the Flemish and federal (Belgian) government-level.

Attached you willl find an introductory text, our vision and mission statement.

Who are we ?

GRIP, which in English stands for Equal Rights for Each Person with a disability, is a non-profit organisation which has existed since 2000. We are based in the Flemish Community's Equal Opportunities house in the Koningsstraat, Brussels and receive funding by the administration of 'Equal Opportunities in Flanders' of the Flemish government.

We are an organisation of persons with disabilities which means that we draw from their rich experience-based expertise and that our Board of Directors, steering -and working groups are made up of people with a disability and legal representatives. We closely cooperate with other organisations of people with disabilities, experts and equal rights-organisations.

What do we do?

GRIP is part of a global civil rights movement. Its task is to achieve equal rights and opportunities for everyone, but primarily for one disadvantaged group - people with a disability. The small 'h' in its logo indicates this.

How do we operate?

GRIP wishes to influence and stimulate policy and to inform broader society correctly. We have no social or legal services and cannot provide individual support.

At policy level several topic-based working groups work around the standing Policy steering group. Their work is determined by current affairs and the developments in Equal Opportunities and disability policy. GRIP primarily orients itself to the Flemish and federal policy level. This is done by promoting interests and political action on the one hand and by representation and submitting policy alternatives on the other.

Awareness creation is a second major pillar for GRIP. The Awareness Creation steering group is able to work with the help of media campaigns, readings and presentations, report and publication compilation but also action and demonstration.

GRIP wants to point out to people with disabilities and their environment, policymakers and society that 10% of the population has a disability and consequently is socially disadvantaged and that a large number of factors in society create discrimination directly or indirectly. GRIP attaches a great deal of importance to creating a positive image instead of emphasising the frequently one-sided angle of approach of care and dependency. For example, in an accessible society aids, applications and assistance can compensate for a possible limitation and contribute to developing the highest possible quality of life, company employment, studies in 'ordinary' schools, etc.

This website is developing into a reference point in the area of Equal Opportunities. It offers background information and viewpoints, useful links and an intended extensive helpful list of concepts and terms such as inclusion, integration, positive action, (anti-)discrimination, person-related financing, etc.

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