GRIP – Equal Rights for Every Person with a Disability, or Gelijke Rechten voor Iedere Persoon met een handicap in Dutch – is the human rights organisation run by and for people with disabilities. We aim to achieve equal rights and equal opportunities and to campaign for an inclusive society.

GRIP campaigns for inclusion

GRIP aims to achieve inclusion in various areas of life. We defend the right to inclusive education. We campaign for paid work, an adequate income and accessible, affordable homes. We also stand up for the right to sufficient support and autonomy.

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is our starting point.

GRIP is an organisation run by people with disabilities. At the helm of our organisation are people with personal experience of disability.

GRIP’s purpose is to ensure equal rights for every person with a disability. That means we don’t talk about a group or certain groups of people, but about individuals, people with equal rights. As such, GRIP transcends disability – the organisation goes beyond the various forms that disability can take and sets its sights further, on diversity and human rights.

GRIP principally targets the regional – Flemish – level of government policy.

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